Welcome to my Website

The intention of my website is to share my personal experience with everybody, who is involved in rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, polyurethan and their processing.

Continuing education is a key to success. With in-house seminars or workshops I offer you a training designed to your specific needs, which enables you to make the utmost profit of my knowledge.

Beside my personal experience in my business life, I am interested in all kind of scientific stuff, which I present through comments about books or weblinks for example under MyInterests.

Highlights of Professional Experience:

Plant Chemist at Rubber Manufacturers (Rubber for Pharamceutical Applications and for Technical Rubber Goods)

R&D Manager at an Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer (Process Layout for Injection Molding of Rubber Articles, Direct Soling of Shoes with RIM-PUR and Machine Development)

R&D Manager at Manufacturer of Ingredients for the Rubber Processing Industry (Development of Rubber Compound Ingredients)

Director of Materials Automotive Sealing Systems (Compound and Process Development for Extrusion and Injection Molding)

Senior Manager R&D Polymer Materials at an automotive supplier of rubber articles (Compound and Process Development)

Present Position: Consultant - Compound and Process Development, Seminar Instructor at TechnoBiz-Asia

Your Contact If you like to get into contact with me to exchange ideas or you are interested in education or training, you should use this place to contact me. Portrait von Dr. Hans-Joachim Graf Linie mit Schatten unter dem Portrait